Pizza with Fresh Figs, Ricotta, Thyme and Honey

Photo pinned from Whole Living

I’ve been wanting to cook something with figs for a while, and I’ve been obsessed with making pizza on my pizza stone on the grill lately, so this recipe, which came from a Martha Stewart website, seemed to be a perfect one to try.

I used my favorite dough recipe, and smoothed the pizza out over a corn meal-dusted pizza peel. I spread the ricotta pretty evenly on the dough so I wouldn’t have a glob one place and nothing in another. It also helps the top of the pizza cook more evenly on the grill when the toppings aren’t piled on.

Next, the figs. I found fresh Turkish figs at our organic market. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and they’re hard to describe. The skin is very thin, so you don’t have to peel them. I just washed them and sliced them fairly thin. I ate a couple of slices raw, and they have a very light flavor, nothing like the dried figs you find at the grocery or the filling inside a Fig Newton. Something about them reminded me of jicama or star fruit. Fresh, not too sweet. Apparently their cousins, Black Mission Figs, are sweeter and more syrupy.

Because I like to experiment with different tastes, I strayed from the recipe a bit and put a little prosciutto on one half of the pizza.

I used fresh thyme from my herb garden and lightly drizzled extra virgin olive oil over the whole thing. Crushed sea salt, a couple of grinds from the pepper mill, and it was off to the grill, where I slid the pie onto the pre-heated pizza stone.

Ten minutes later, I was drizzling one side with honey and the other with Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar.

I tried a piece first that was true to the recipe. My mouth started watering as I took the first bite. The combination of the nice crunch of the pizza crust, the soft creamy ricotta, the freshness of the figs and the deep, rich sweetness of the honey all with the light flavor of thyme was incredible.

Next, I sampled a couple of bites from the prosciutto side. The salty prosciutto adds another layer to the combination for an even richer taste. Salty and sweet. Oh my.

I found the Blackberry Ginger Balsamic Vinegar to be almost as good as the honey, and it added yet another layer of flavor with the tartness, but it seemed a little less decadent because it didn’t ooze off the pizza.

Sticky fingers were a small price to pay for this simple and lovely meal.

Rating: Heaven on a Plate

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