Avocado Puff Pastry

Photo pinned from Averie Cooks

We really wanted to like these Avocado Puff Pastries from Averie Cooks. My daughter has been eating a lot of avocados lately, so we chose these from my Foodstuff — Savory board to try on movie night. Avocado, cream cheese and salsa in a warm, flaky pastry — what’s not to like?

They just didn’t have much flavor. Both the cream cheese and the creamy avocado were too bland for the salsa we used to make a difference. We even dipped them in more salsa before eating. The puff pastry is also a little overpowering for these tastes, though we may not have rolled it out thin enough.

It could be the salsa we used, which was of the “plain old” variety. For the original recipe, a combination of verde salsa and mango red pepper chutney was used.

We like the idea of it, though, and started thinking about other things with stronger flavors that we could encase in that buttery, flaky dough, which was pretty easy to work with, even for a newbie.

Rating: Has Potential

One thought on “Avocado Puff Pastry

  1. Thanks for trying my recipe and yes, my salsa had quite a kick to it! That’s going to make all the difference I think. As always, season to taste; season the avocado and/or the cream cheese with anything from garlic powder to chili powder before using it if you really want to kick it up, too!

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