Corn Cakes with Tomato-Avocado Salsa

Photo pinned from Ezra Pound Cake

I’ve been trying to eat with the seasons more often to take advantage of locally grown produce, so I dug into some of the recipes I pinned last winter when I was pining for fresh tomatoes.

This recipe, which was featured on the blog Ezra Pound Cake, is originally from “Sara Foster’s Southern Kitchen.”  I lived in the South for almost 20 years, so nostalgia may have played a small role in my desire to make this recipe, but there’s no denying that  fresh corn, avocados and tomatoes taste like summer.

I stopped by our organic grocery, Bloomingfoods, and picked up some Indiana corn, heirloom tomatoes and organic avocados. I’ll admit I dreaded having to shuck the corn and cut it off the cob — it’s kind of a hassle and makes a mess, but the fresh corn was definitely worth it. If you don’t have fresh corn, which was a little scarce this summer because of the drought, Ezra Pound Cake blogger Rebecca Crump said you can use 1 and 1/2 cups of frozen corn, but put about half of that in the food processor to break it up and bring out the milk.

I made the salsa in the morning, sans avocado, and let it marinate in the fridge until I was ready to make the corn cakes for dinner. Yes, these are fried in oil, but if you heat the oil (I used olive oil) to the right temperature, the food soaks up very little of it.

While I was cooking the corn cakes, I sat the salsa out to take the chill off and added the diced avocado. I was very pleased with the results. The corn cakes looked exactly like they did in the photo, and had a nice sweet and flavorful taste on their own. The addition of the salsa complemented the corn cakes but didn’t overwhelm. Bonus: I got to use the fresh basil from my garden for something other than Italian food.

You can keep the unused batter in the fridge for a couple of days, and you could do the same with the salsa if you don’t add the avocado to all of it — it turns brown pretty quickly. My kids weren’t home the night I made it, so I don’t know if it would pass their taste test, but for me, this is definitely A Keeper.

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