P.F. Chang’s Mongolian Beef

Photo pinned from Six Sisters’ Stuff

Teen Girl chose this copycat recipe off my Foodstuff — Savory board to try recently. It was originally posted on the Six Sisters’ Stuff blog.

The sauce was easy to make and there was plenty of it. Love the salty soy sauce and garlic paired with the sweet from the brown sugar and the spicy from the fresh ginger. (Note to self: Find another recipe with fresh ginger so the rest of the root doesn’t shrivel up in the back of the vegetable drawer.) I ended up using only half of the beef for the three of us, and I froze the rest of the sauce to use next time.

This is actually the first time I have cooked with flank steak. It was very easy to slice and work with it. Hardly any fat, and it was nice and tender in the finished dish.

Had to break out the wok for this — haven’t used it in forever, so I felt like this recipe justified the huge amount of space the wok takes in the cabinet. I love having and using the right tool for the job, but in all honesty, a skillet would work just as well if you use enough oil.

We used basmati rice, which has a nice aroma and flavor. Could easily add broccoli and/or mushrooms to the dish to get in some of those much-needed veggies, or serve with a side of spicy sauteed green beans or asparagus. Rating: Company-Worthy and Teen-Approved.

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