Ham (or Turkey or Roast Beef) and Cheese Sliders

Photo pinned from Annie’s Eats

I made these sliders for the first time when we were having family and friends over to decorate the Christmas tree last year. I’ve made them a couple times since when we’ve had people over and needed something a little more substantial than dips, veggies, cheese and crackers. Great football-watching fare. Easy and yummy, and you can make a lot at one time.

This recipe comes from Annie’s Eats, who notes that she adapted it from The Girl Who Ate Everything, who adapted it from Recipe Club. I adapted it a little more, adding turkey and swiss, and roast beef and provolone with a mild horseradish sauce to the mix. You really can use any combination of meats and cheeses.

Instead of a baking sheet, I used the baking dish that I use for lasagna to catch the butter sauce, which seeps down and creates a soft, steamy sandwich with a bit of a crust on the top and bottom. Assemble these ahead of time and throw them in the oven just before guests arrive. They are a little buttery, so make sure you have plenty of napkins.

Rating: Company-Worthy, Teen-Approved

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