Thai Chicken Skewers with Coconut-Curry-Basil Sauce

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Teen Girl has been hungry for Asian food, so we chose this Thai Chicken Skewers recipe from Weight Watchers off of my Foodstuff — Savory Pinterest board one night during the week. It looked fairly easy, and the prep and cooking time added up to less than a half hour. But we failed to notice the chicken needed to marinate for at least an hour — I’m thinking that should’ve been included in the prep time! We ended up eating leftovers that night and made the chicken on Saturday instead. Life at our house on week nights doesn’t leave room for much unaccounted-for time.

The recipe calls for “Thai curry paste” but doesn’t specify red or green. My grocery had both, so I settled on green, which is what I usually order at my favorite little Thai restaurant here. I substituted basil for the cilantro. Basil and Thai food just go together, and I wanted to use up more of my fresh basil from the garden before the frost gets it.

The recipe went together easily, and while the chicken marinated, I prepared the basmati rice and soaked the wood skewers in water so they wouldn’t burn under the broiler.

I coated the baking sheet with Whole Lemon Infused EVOO from my local olive oil store. The chicken was very tender, but looked a little colorless. Next time, we’ll try it on the grill. The sauce had a nice blend of flavors, although Teen Boy prefers his with a little more kick. Might try adding more curry paste if you want more heat in your sauce.

The WW point count for two skewers (about 1/4 of a chicken breast) and about a tablespoon of sauce is 3. That’s fine for an appetizer, but if you’re serving for dinner, you’ll eat at least four skewers and more sauce. Rice, of course, is extra. My kids are not much on vegetables, but you could pair this with steamed broccoli and carrots or a light salad.

Rating: Company-Worthy, Teen-Approved.

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